Create For Space
Art Sustaining Innovation For Our Future
2 Night Stand is an annual creative bender hosted by Bright Bright Great in Chicago, gathering 20+ creatives (writers, designers, photographers and developers) selected by application. The third annual 2NS event was held on Nov. 30 to Dec. 1 of 2012. Dream client: NASA.
Josh Sullivan - Web Developer
Brendan Shanley - Designer
Victor Fong - Designer
Lou Medel - Designer
Nate Koehler - Designer
Evan Benner - Copywriter
Concept: Space program fueled culture of innovation. With space program cutbacks, we devised a platform for creative innovators to refuel the program.
Welcome Copy: 
"Welcome to Create For Space, where creativity secures the future of innovative culture. We partner with leading designers and artists to bring you a new limited edition print every week. You like art. You like space exploration and the culturally beneficial mindset NASA inspires. Each print is a record of your contribution. Buy one and own a piece of NASA’s future success. Check back every week for new exclusive prints."
About Copy: 
"Our wildest technological advances started with an idea, an unexplored frontier. NASA’s space program fueled a culture of ambition and innovation. With the cutting back of the program, so too is that cultural momentum both on earth and beyond. The pop cultural frontier that was once redefined by the possibilities of space can now determine the future of those possibilities, the search for the next big thing.

We’re proud to partner with NASA and some of the greatest creative minds, artists and designers to explore the possibilities and be the inspiration for further exploration and innovation. Each week we feature a new print, limited to 50 copies with all proceeds benefitting NASA’s space program. Each signifies ownership in the next big thing, sustaining innovation for our future."
Certificate Copy:
Art Sustaining Innovation for our Future
Limited Edition Certificate of Ownership
In The Pursuit of the “Next Big Thing”
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